Smart Home Gifts for Dad

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Turn your dad into more of a cyber-dad by surprising him with a high-tech Father's Day gift: a new smart home device. Whether he spends his time adventuring, grilling, or chilling in a rumpus room, there are plenty of options among the best smart gadgets to enhance his favorite hobbies or simplify his daily routines.

1. Amazon Echo Dot with clock: Best for multitaskers
2. Garmin Forerunner 45: Best for fitness junkies
3. Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill: Best for grillers
4. Atomi Smart Coffee Maker: Best for coffee lovers
5. Rachio 3: Best for gardeners
6. Philips Hue: Best for gamers
7. Tile Pro: Best for organizers

1. Amazon Echo Dot with clock: Best for multitaskers

Best for multitaskers


Amazon Echo Dot with clock



The Amazon Echo Dot with clock combines Alexa voice controls with a handy clock, making it an excellent option for Dad's nightstand, home office, or garage workbench. It's especially useful because he can play music or ask Alexa for the info to help with his latest projects. Dad can even take it a step further by linking Alexa to his favorite smart home devices for easy hands-free control.

We especially like that smart speakers are convenient for setting timers—a huge help during school projects with the kids. The voice controls mean he doesn't have to touch the Echo Dot with messy hands when setting reminders to continue working after the glue sets.

Whatever Dad uses his Echo Dot for is up to him, but it will definitely up his multitasking game.

2. Garmin Forerunner 45: Best for fitness junkies

Best for fitness junkies


Garmin Forerunner 45



Whether it's a morning run or a competitive game of flag football, your dad is sure to appreciate the Garmin Forerunner 45 smartwatch. This rugged smartwatch and fitness tracker comes with a suite of sensors to help him get the most from his exercise routine.

The best feature of this smartwatch is its built-in GPS, which tracks detailed information about runs—perfect for Dad’s fitness milestones. There's also a coaching feature and the option to track other kinds of exercises like yoga and treadmill running. When he's not exercising, Dad can use it like a regular smartwatch to get notifications and control music.

At rest or on the go, the Garmin Forerunner 45 is a stylish tech gift idea for practically every fitness-junkie dad.

3. Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill: Best for grillers

Best for grillers


Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill



The Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill offers a level of control that Dad can use for any kind of grilling. Not only can he set the perfect temperature using the built-in control panel, but there's also a Wi-Fi connection and mobile app. These allow him to look after the grill while prepping side dishes or find the best recipe for a given type of meat.

Because this grill is so flexible, Dad can cook delicious burgers and steaks in minutes, or spend a few hours on roasts and ribs. Traeger sells over a dozen varieties of wood pellets—like mesquite and hickory—so Dad can share his favorite wood-fired flavor with the whole family.

4. Atomi Smart Coffee Maker: Best for coffee lovers

Best for coffee lovers


Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker



The Atomi Smart Coffee Maker simplifies making coffee so Papa can wake up to a steamy cup of joe before heading out to work. If he works from home, it's a great way to get a boost partway through the day.

We like Atomi because it works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls, giving dad the flexibility to ask for a coffee whenever he needs it. This simple Wi-Fi coffee maker holds up to 12 cups of coffee so Dad can keep coming back for more.

It's true that Dad sometimes needs to wash the filter, add water to the tank, and put in more ground coffee, but that means he can prep the night before for a few more minutes of sleep the next day.

5. Rachio 3: Best for gardeners

Best for gardeners


Rachio 3



Whether Dad wants a lush green lawn, a productive vegetable garden, or both, the Rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller can help him cultivate his hot peppers while saving water. It connects an existing sprinkler system to the internet to promote smart water usage.

Your dad can customize schedules, track weather, and control the sprinklers using the Rachio mobile app. If it rains, Dad can delay or skip a watering cycle to save on his water bill. The Rachio 3 also helps prevent frozen pipes and situations where the sprinklers water the driveway more than the lawn by tracking other weather conditions like snow and wind.

6. Tile Pro: Best for Organizers

Best for organizers


Tile Pro



Give Pop the power to always know where his keys are with the Tile Pro. This small smart device attaches to a keychain and makes a loud noise when he pushes a button in the Tile app. Now he won't have to check the couch cushions unless there's a chime coming from within.

Tile makes a variety of versions like the Tile Sticker (about $40 for two-pack) that's great for tracking remotes and the Tile Slim (about $29), which slips inside a wallet. Best of all, each Tile device has a button that can help Dad find his phone.

While Tile works for both Android and iOS smartphones, iPhone dads will probably love the new Apple AirTag (about $28) a teensy bit more.

7. Bouncie: Best for car enthusiasts

Best for car enthusiasts





Some dads are road warriors that love to take road trips or just make their commutes a little easier. For these dads, we suggest something like Bouncie. This vehicle tracker allows Dad to track mileage, fuel efficiency, maintenance needs, and GPS location. It works with most cars made since 1996 by plugging into a standard diagnostic port.

We think Dad will appreciate getting so much information about his ride, especially when he lends it to his teen driver with the expectation of smart driving habits. Bouncie uses a mobile data connection ($8 a month) to send updates to the mobile app every 15 seconds so your dad always has the latest info.